Liberty Center launches its Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area on April 1, 2019. The DORA allows patrons at any of our participating establishments to purchase and carry an open alcoholic beverage in a designated plastic cup. We hope to see you enjoying the DORA in Liberty Center’s green spaces, while you shop, and during the outdoor events – cheers!

1. DORA operates daily between noon and midnight.
2. DORA beverages can only be purchased from participating establishments.
3. Beverages from one DORA establishment cannot be taken into another DORA establishment or special event area which serves alcohol.
4. DORA beverages are not permitted at all retailers and restaurants, please check each individual location before entering.
5. One beverage is permitted per cup per use. No cans, glass bottles, or outside beverages are permitted.
6. You must stay within the DORA boundaries with your beverage. All cups must be disposed of within the DORA boundaries.
7. Must be 21 years or older. Beverages are not permitted in vehicles. Please drink responsibly.

Q: What are the boundaries?
A: The area within Liberty Center bounded by Liberty Way, Taylor Street, and Warehouse Row are considered within the DORA. Beverages are only permitted in parking lots for special events and noted as such.

Q: Where can I purchase a DORA beverage?
A: DORA beverages can be purchased at any of the participating establishments:
• Anthony Vince Nail Spa
• BRIO Tuscan Grille
• Bar Del Mar
• Cantina Laredo
• Cobb CinéBistro
• Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
• Flip Side
• Funny Bone
• Kona Grill
• Northstar Café
• Pies & Pints
• Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern
• The Roosevelt Room

Q: Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?
A: Outside alcohol is not permitted.

Q: Can I bring my own cup?
A: All DORA beverages must be in designated plastic cups with the DORA logo and rules.

Q: What types of alcoholic beverages can I consume?
A: Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating establishment.

Q: Can I take my DORA cup back into an establishment?
A: You cannot take a DORA beverage from one participating establishment into another participating establishment. You are permitted to take your DORA beverage into approved retailers not serving DORA beverages.

Q: Can I take an empty cup into an establishment?
A: All cups must be thrown away before entering a participating establishment. One beverage is permitted per cup per use. A new cup will be provided for every DORA beverage purchased.

Q: Can I shop with my DORA beverage?
A: Absolutely, but please keep in mind that not all retailers allow outside food and beverages. Window decals will be visible on all entrances, please check before entering.

Q: Are DORA beverages permitted at all events hosted and sponsored by Liberty Center?
A: Yes, but Liberty Center reserves the right to suspend the DORA for any events or activities that may not be suitable for an open container environment (i.e. inflatable games, fitness classes, simulation experiences, etc.). Any suspension of the DORA at Liberty Center events will be noted as such on marketing materials and at the event.

Q: Are DORA beverages permitted at all events hosted and sponsored by Liberty Center tenants or outside organizations?
A: No. For instance, DORA beverages are not permitted at events hosted by MidPointe Library Liberty. Events hosted by non-profit organizations may include temporary liquor permits and would suspend all DORA activity within that designated area for the duration of the event.

Helpful Information
Pricing, quantity, size, and service may vary across the DORA per each participating establishment. If you have any issues with a participating establishment, please contact their management. If you see any issues from patrons within the DORA, please contact Public Safety at 513-644-0911 for assistance.

For more information on the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, please refer to ORC § 4301.82 or view a copy of our application here.

Notice: All State of Ohio laws regarding alcohol consumption will apply to areas both inside and outside DORA boundaries. Public intoxication, impaired driving, and underage drinking will be closely monitored by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. All establishments at Liberty Center reserve to right to refuse service and contact law enforcement for any disturbances. Please drink responsibly.